Installing a Wooden Driveway Gate

Stand Out With a Charming Wooden Driveway Gate

Do you want your home to be appealing and different? Then there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars each year on home decoration and renovation. In an age when modernism prevails and everything is automated and sleek all that is needed is adding a wooden gate to you homes and inevitably increase its appeal and instill a touch of vintage elegance; a reminder of a bygone era.

Wooden gates can be heavy but they are unique. Out of the many materials used in constructing and putting up these gates one is cedar wood. It is light weight with a yellowish tinge. Its texture is rough but it is easily available and doesn’t cost too much. The cost of cedar is usually mid-ranged.

Redwood, as the name implies, is a red tinted wood and is very expensive. If you desire high quality wood then this should be your choice though it can be very costly to use in a driveway gate.

Fir-wood though extremely heavy is very affordable. More regular maintenance is required than any other kind of wood, but consider how very easily it is available for purchase. Then there is also lumber or wood that is pressure treated. Choose it for a very durable material that can be used for a gate, but do consider the health related concerns it presents which any buyer should note before purchasing.

Wooden gates are heavy, so we recommend the buyers to keep in mind their longevity and durability against weather elements while installing them. To begin the installation, posts have to be attached. There have to be two posts on either side of the gates that will be used to attach hinges to your driveway gate. The gate posts should be at least 6 x 6, as anything smaller might not be able to support the length and width of the gate. The posts should be dug firmly into concrete and the concrete should be left overnight to dry off completely before proceeding with more work.

Depending on the space in the driveway, you can select a driveway gate which is either hinged, or a sliding gate. Also the height and width of the gate to be installed should be properly measured before beginning. As wooden gates are already very heavy, chose a style that allows less resistance to wind. Solid designs do not allow wind to pass through and can make the opening and closing of the gate tiring and difficult. Planked wooden gates allow wind to pass through and are easier to handle. One of the oldest wooden gate designs being used in people’s homes is the ledge and brace design. Why is it so appealing? The attractive design and low cost is the answer. The ledge and brace design is most often found on high end garage doors and barns. It’s Z shaped design is the secret behind its sturdiness.

Homeowners should measure the frame of the wooden door so it fits completely between the two left and right posts. The next step is to attach the vertical risers to the wooden driveway gate. The risers can be an inch apart and they help support the gate during its movement. If all this becomes too much for you to handle, Gate Repair Shoreline can be contacted. They have unique wooden gate designs and are experts in fencing and putting these gates up. Their toll free number is 4252-144-853. They deal with all sorts of gate repairs as well.