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Shoreline WA gate repair service - Ace Garage & Gate Repair
Shoreline WA gate repair service – Ace Garage & Gate Repair

Are you currently in the market for a new garage door opener? Ace Garage & Gate Repair in Shoreline, Washington offers installation & replacement services for garage door openers.

When you pull up to your home, you typically expect that your garage door will open with the click of a button. Unfortunately, it has happened to a lot of people where they come home after a long day of work and they are about to open the garage so they can pull in and relax, but suddenly they realize that their garage door isn’t working!

Maybe it’s the garage door opener, we wonder. But is that really the issue? The only way to be certain is if we hire a professional garage door repair technician who can tell us exactly what is going on.

There are a number of different types of garage door openers, and we provide service and installation services for all of them. The two main types of openers that we most frequently install or service are the chain driven and belt driven openers.

Chain, Screw, and Belt Driven Garage Door Openers

Installing a brand new garage door opener
Installing a brand new garage door opener

Of the two, the belt driven is much less noisy than it’s counterpart. With this premium quality, though, comes a price. Belt driven units, although they are much less pricey, cost significantly more than their chain driven counterparts.

Chain driven counterparts have a lot of moving parts and have the potential to break down often. One of the perks of a belt driven garage door opener is that it really doesn’t have many parts, so there isn’t much that could possibly go wrong.

Gate & Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

Garage & gate opener installation and repair service in Shoreline WA
Garage & gate opener installation and repair service in Shoreline WA

Being able to drive up to your home and have the garage door open itself at the click of a button is all about efficiency and ease, so purchasing and installing an automatic garage door opener should be equally simple. Choosing the correct push-button opener can be challenging without the proper guidance to help you take into consideration the individual needs your home requires such as the distance from which you wish to operate the opener and the weight and type of door that the system will need to lift. Our experts can help you to select the choice that properly works with your door without the worry of realizing later that the decision you made on your own does not fit your garage.

Allowing professionals to perform the installation is not only easier for you, it is also safer. Most garage doors are heavy enough that any mistakes could lead to serious damage to your vehicle or you and your family. We have experienced technicians who will gladly ensure that your door moves flawlessly and that your garage door opener will safely activate the movement from the desired distance. Allowing our staff to make recommendations based on the specific door material, opening style, and driveway can further guarantee that your preferred opening method increases the safety and ease with which you move in and out of your garage.

From the moment you decide to buy an automatic garage door opener to the time you need it should be a simple process. Eliminate the guess-work by trusting our team to aid you in selecting the correct system and installing it to make pulling in and out of your home the easiest it has ever been. Call us today for more information about how we can serve you in improving your home.